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1971-1972 Indiana High School Boys Basketball Yearbook
72 yearbook Cover
The most extensive statewide recounting of information of a single basketball season in the state of Indiana. Every IHSAA tournament school, along with a handful of prominent non-tournament schools, is included with roster, player point totals, and full schedule results as well as listing of the sources from which the information can be found.
A wealth of information and a delightful source of nostalgia for fans of Indiana's greatest cultural treasure: high school basketball.

Zionsville Basketball, A Century of Eagles
Zionsville Cover
The story of basketball in Zionsville is one that encompasses one of Indiana's greatest communities. For more than a century the town rallied around their boys and saw great successes and hard times. From county champions and local rivalries to NCAA Final Four coaches and a spot as one of Indiana's "big" schools, this book tells the whole story and includes all-time records, schedules, and stats. A truly great read for any fan of basketball history.


Sheridan High School Football, History and Tradition
Sheridan Football Cover
Sheridan High School football began in 1899. The school and town have enjoyed successes of all kinds on the gridiron including:

-9 state championships
-The winningest coach in state history
-More than 600 victories

This book documents the program from the earliest days to today and includes more than 100 pictures that help to tell the story.

Tiger Basketball, A Lebanon Passion
Tiger Basketball Cover
In 1966 Lebanon's Rick Mount was the first high school athlete to grace the cover of 'Sports Illustrated.' However, the school's basketball history started decades earlier with State Championships and the beginning of legacy that today boasts Indiana All-Stars, Hall of Famers, and history that is second to none. This book tells the story of the town and the ongoing obsession with the basketball program.

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